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Boost your success rate

Sales, CRM, Invoicing, Point of Sale (Shops, Restaurants, & Hardware) Subscriptions and Sign.


It's all about efficiency

Operations, Accounting, Project, Human Resources, Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing.

Productivity Tools

Engage more customers

Communication, Discuss, Mailing Lists, Notes, Timesheet, Email Marketing, Events, Survey, Live Chat.


Great user experience

Website, eCommerce, Blogs, Forums, Slides, SEA.


Get more leads

Be found on internet, Search Engine Optimisation, AdWords, Local SEO, National SEO & Global SEO.

Social Media

Social Media Integration

Integrates business with social media, brand awareness & engaging.

One need, one App

Expand as you grow

Start with one app, add new apps as you grow.

How? Small Business IT Help

Most of our solutions are open-sourced (means free to use), so you do not have to pay for tools and technologies. However, there is very nominal cost for setup, configuration, and support.

Even though, for new start-ups or newly established business, we thrive to cut the initial costs. You can start with one module/application at one time, can add-on as you need and grow.


SBITH Apps for Small Business IT Help

Why Us...

We are proud to support Open Source ERP System

50,000+ companies run Odoo to grow their businesses.

Join us and make your company a better place.